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Now, the one that hung up the phone, naturally, I called back, the phone was answered with the party on the other end speaking very rapidly, so, I ask her to repeat what she had just said, she became defensive and stated, “Why, I’ve already told you who I was.” I stated, I didn’t understand her because she spoke so fast and the conversation when down hill after that.

I told her I was returning her call and she very curtly informed me that she didn’t call me, that I was calling her.

Received another phone call at as, 6/11/2018 asking about when payment can be expected.

Tagged as: conns corporate headquarters, conns corporate number, conns corporate office, conns corporate office address, conns corporate office email address, conns corporate office fax number, conns corporate office phone number, conns headquarters, conns main office Here we go again, made payment arrangements last week for this Weds, 6/13/2018, but wait, they didn’t seem to have that in the computer, that was at am, 6/11/2018, again arrangements were made.

Dieser Service der den Kauf Ihres Hochzeitsanzuges zu einem unvergesslichen Ereignis macht kostet 80,- € für 4 Personen und wird Ihnen beim Kauf eines Hochzeitsanzuges im Wert ab 600,- € komplett angerechnet.

I would think the best way to do business is to be consistent, multiple phone numbers from the same department, is not being consistent.

Oh, FYI, if call ID says unavailable for name, I don’t answer But, in a few minutes a totally different number will pop uper and then I block that number, again, consistency.

So, I have said enough, look forward to hearing from you. This is a constant problem, multiple phone calls, even if arrangements are made, the phone calls still come.

I am sure aware that multiple phone calls from a debt collector in one day is illegal and is punishable with all sorts of remedies from the state and federal level.

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