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One man shook his head from side to side before another created a hole in his cheek with a large metal spike, watched over by medics.

The bowsprit of a large model boat was then threaded through the hole before he joined a parade through town to show off their new facial accessories.

In the trailer, a woman says she’s “extra single.” Well then, I’m extra extra single. I wanted to be informed because 1) I’m nerdy like that and because 2) I talk about being single here in my little corner.

At a temple on the outskirts of Phuket’s main town on Sunday, dozens of people put themselves to the test.

Dressed in flowing robes they worked themselves into a trance-like frenzy against a constant backdrop of drums, a status they say allows them to feel no pain.

Later in the week, some also test their faith by running barefoot across burning coals or climbing bladed ladders.

A taxi driver, who gave his nickname Chang (Elephant), said he had no plans to skewer his body but he had been abiding by the abstinence rules. Last week, there was no work but yesterday I had many fares after praying to Lord Buddha.” AGENCE FRANCE PRESSE Agence France-Presse is a global news agency delivering fast, in-depth coverage of the events shaping our world from wars and conflicts to politics, sports, entertainment and the latest breakthroughs in health, science and technology. announced new features in the World's first Flying Car, Transition® production vehicle, a two-seat auto and aircraft, including updates A global lifestyle platform for digital storytelling, premiering exclusive daily content.

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“I figured there might be a handful but everywhere you look people are getting their faces pierced.” The tropical island of Phuket — best known to holidaymakers for its parties and beaches — boasts a sizeable Chinese population, most of whom trace their roots back to Hokkien speaking areas of China’s southeast.