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'' Such serendipity has graced the singer throughout her whirlwind career.

The Staten Island-raised daughter of classical-music composer Carl Michaelson, she took piano lessons from the age of five and starred in plays during her grade-school years.

(The song ultimately went platinum.) Radio play followed, just in time for the release of her 2007 full-length debut, Girls and Boys (out on Cabin 24, her own imprint). 'We really had a lot of luck, and then we worked really hard to be in the position we're in nowadays,' says Michaelson, who has since released an EP, 2008's Be OK, and a follow-up album, Everybody (both via the Cabin 24 label)each proving fertile resources for music licensors. Upon her return, she'll work on her third full-lengthdue in 2011 on Ingrid's own Cabin 24 in partnership with Mom Popwhich will explore the themes of life and death.

Michaelson has spent the past three years on the road and will head out again this October and November on headlining jaunts through the U. (One song is tentatively titled 'The Battle of Brooklyn,' about a Revolutionary War skirmish.) Sonically, the upcoming album will fall 'somewhere between Judy Garland's music and Beyonc and St.

Michaelson's grassroots sensibility has worked like gangbusters: Her music, often about love and relationships, has been steadily wafting out of your television set for roughly four years now, be it in an Old Navy ad or in handfuls of Grey's Anatomy episodes (not to mention countless other series such as One Tree Hill, Ugly Betty, and Scrubs) or on VH1 as an artist You Outta Know.

"Our mission is to bridge the divide between the hearing and deaf worlds, and our collaboration is a significant step towards this goal.

Our company is always exploring the synergy between ASL and music, and we're thrilled that our work is being seen by a new audience." Michaelson, who is dating SOMETHING ROTTEN!

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