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Who is chuck hughes dating

People have this thing where they see the chef as this guy sniffing wine with a white hat, but the reality is really it’s a lot of partying and a lot of hard work, a lot of stress, and people like to unwind. That’s the one thing I miss about not drinking is the late-night poutine freak-outs because now I still have late-night food, I’m just not unconscious.I got caught up in that for so long, so it’s really just a personal choice, and it didn’t happen (just) like that. I talk about it and I try to tell other chefs and cooks, people in the industry and people who aren’t even in the industry, there’s such a stigma around it. And people are always like 'What about one glass of wine? Nobody in their right minds will eat a whole poutine unless they’re wasted, so those are the binges that I miss because I’m too conscious of like 'I’m not going to eat this whole thing.' I miss that. For me that’s my big thing, from one addiction, when I stopped drinking, then I started needing sugar, because there’s so much alcohol, I needed sugar. If you could prepare only one last meal, what would it be?I’m a real big burger guy and something that’s truly Montreal is Dic Ann’s. I opened the restaurant (Garde Manger) seven years ago and decided that I’m the boss, I’m in charge.It’s a weird burger that’s really flat with kind of a gravy sauce and that’s the one thing I crave. It’s like traditional Montreal '50s style diner and they just opened a food truck. I used to work for other people that had the lock and key on the booze, and now I was the guy who was in control of it.And that’s how we built our whole industry, from cod and from all that, so I think we’re focused on amazing ingredients.What is one of the first things you crave to eat when you return to Montreal from abroad?

I’ve only had the chance to eat a whole crab once and I’ve been to Alaska...He's also gotten to travel all over the United States, Mexico and Asia thanks to his shows that include "Chuck's Week Off" and "Chuck's Eat the Street." "Chopping carrots has literally brought me around the world, twice," he jokes.His new book, part autobiography, part cookbook and part shout-out to his down-to-earth inner circle, doesn't go into his addiction and recovery, but it's a humbling ode to the dozens of suppliers, staff and other characters who have been the backbone of his success — from his mom, girlfriend (sorry, ladies) and mentors David Mc Millan and Frederic Morin of Joe Beef, to the linen guy, oyster shuckers, hockey team, and even the dog walkers he's befriended over the years. I really feel that it’s just really a cuisine of big, bold ingredients and kind of focusing on the elements that Canada brings to the plate, which is the best of everything.I would just say that things happen in walk-in fridges...What is the best restaurant in Montreal that no one’s ever heard of? Nobody knows about this place and it’s dope, it’s amazing...

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It would be a whole Alaskan king crab, like a 10-pound one. Probably either salt, or hot sauce, those are the two things that I can’t live without, salt especially, I’ve tried to tone it down but..as a chef and cook, I try to use as much salt naturally as I can but there’s something about...crunching on sea salt, I love it. So I think salt would probably be mine, but you need a little spice.

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