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Vulcan anvil dating

My first anvil was made from a piece of railway track, and weighs 25 kg (about 50 lb).This is fine if you are doing jewellery or other fine work, but hopelessly inadequate for anything else.I realised this almost straight away, and started doing research on different types of anvils.At the time (1999) the only Australian manufacturer had just shut down, and the only imported model available was the excellent, but expensive Peddinghaus.To get to the overlook, take the turnoff from Highway 389, 7 miles west of Fredonia. There are no facilities past this point except for a ranger station with an emergency phone 6-miles before the overlook.It is advised to be well supplied with water, food, and a 4wd vehicle.What seething and boiling of the waters; what clouds of steam rolled into the heavens!" According to river lore, Native American's consider Vulcan's Anvil to be sacred and prefer that visitors refrain from touching the rock or leaving artifacts on its sides. Rafting the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon, you will pass by the rock formation a few hundred yards before Lava Falls, the canyon's fiercest rapids. View Vulcan's Anvil at the Toroweap Overlook on the North Rim.

Here we see a selection of Celtic blacksmiths equipment from Nikolausberg, Austria, dating from about the 3rd-4th centuries BC.Like his Greek counterpart, Hephaestus, Vulcan was a blacksmith who forged swords, spears, jewelry and other metallic objects on his anvil in a smithy beneath the slopes of Mount Etna, a volcano in Italy.Vulcan's Colorado anvil was created by massive lava flows that poured through this part of the canyon 400,000 years ago, damming the river and leaving behind the black rocks that mark the landscape in the lower part of the canyon.Since then, the jewellers art has fallen by the wayside and blacksmithing has taken over.As of March 2005 I have completed the required blacksmithing units of the Manufacturing Technology (7792) course in Blacksmithing, namely NF300 (Anvil Forging I), NF301 (Power Hammer Forging I), NF302 (Power Hammer Forging II), NF303 (Power Hammer Forging III), NF304 (Stamping Dies), NF305 (Forging Levers and Bosses), NF306 (Forging Lifting Gear), NF308 (Fabrication and Forging), NF309 (Alloy Steel Forging), NF310 (Spring Making and Repair), NF311 (Forging Discs and Solid Rings), NF313 (Shaft Forging), NF314 (Basic Heat Treatment), as well as the supplemental units Anvil Forging II, Anvil Forging III, Non Ferrous Forging, Tool Making and Repair, and Architectural Forging.

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With some of the older images, you must take account of artistic interpretation.

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