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Virtual chatmate filipina

Part 2 April 09, 2018 Photographer Ezra Acayan: ' I am human first before I am a journalist' Award-winning photojournalist Ezra Acayan, who has been covering the drug war since 2016, speaks to Rappler's Patricia Evangelista in this video about biases, freedom, and why he continues to follow the dead Part 3 April 16, 2018 Reporter Pia Ranada: ' If I can be targeted, so can any one else who is critical' In this video, the third in a series of conversations about press freedom, Ranada talks about the ban against coverage, the string of threats, and the lonely business of reporting on the President.

Part 4 April 23, 2018 Journalist Ed Lingao: ' You have to fight back' In this video, the fourth in a series of conversations about press freedom, broadcast journalist Ed Lingao speaks of patriotism, confronting online trolls, and a journalist's duty to combat fake news.

Look also Fake news: the media industry strikes back ' Journalism's role as the 'gatekeeper' of what is and isn't news has always been controversial, of course.

But we're now seeing just how bad things can get when that function breaks down,' says journalism professor John Huxford Both by Agence France-Presse July 13, 2018To serve a free society, social media must evolve beyond data mining by Aram Sinnreich and Barbara Romzek, The Conversation July 13, 2018 The protection of user data now is necessary for the internet and its major services to evolve.

Learn your family the language and the culture of the roots, so your family understand and respect the roots! with e.g.: About FAKE NEWS & Photos - Duterte's trolls and propaganda machine The Presidential Communications Operations Office - PCOO Blogging - Bloggers - Ethics - Etc. Digital Marketing - Business Online buy-and-sell - Etc.

The irony, he adds, is in the fact journalists who could never be trusted before are now celebrated as examples of journalistic integrity.“We’re all paid hacks,” says Ed Lingao, of how reporters are viewed today. We’re all idiots.” Remark this is an album in the album Press & Speech Freedom and Journalism - Etc.Is Philippine Collegian facing a press freedom issue?About Philippines recommend to read this and ALL links in the article Media Freedom: Much more than just the media’s problem by Johanna Son May 08, 2018 From Cambodia and Myanmar to the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia, countries are facing challenges that are a mix of the usual ones such as hostile action from governments and the use of laws and the courts to limit space for media Living within the truth by Jose Manuel I.Diokno June 18, 2018 There are forces competing for our attention, pushing us to believe in thing or another.

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