Vikki and rikki mongeon dating

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Vikki and rikki mongeon dating

I thought for sure they were going to figure us out.Vikki, A Double Shot at Love: My whole life we have been mixed up so it was pretty natural. James, Reality What were your initial thoughts as the contestants came in?Vikki, A Double Shot at Love: We both loved the fact that it was a bisexual dating show and totally outrageous. James, Reality How was it tricking everyone into thinking there were only one of you?Rikki, A Double Shot at Love: It was really nerve racking in the beginning.We ended up taking a leave of absence from school and went to Europe to pursue some modeling. James, Reality So were you fans of the prior seasons?Rikki, A Double Shot at Love: We were huge fans of season one and two, and our manager ended up getting us an interview at MTV for the new girls.James, Reality So tell us a little about yourselves?Rikki and Vikki, A Double Shot at Love: We were born in PA and moved to San Diego, CA to attend college.

Rikki and Vikki are bisexual sisters who are looking for love.When he left everyone made a shrine for him and we all miss him. James, Reality Obviously this is a reality show, do you think meeting some of these people in a real world environment would be any different?Rikki, A Double Shot at Love: Not meeting their friends and seeing them in their environment only gave us one side of them.The guys were more aggressive and a little out of control, but later they showed their nicer side. James, Reality Are you both in it for love?Vikki, A Double Shot at Love: We thought it would be cool if one of us ended up with a girl and the other with a guy.

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Not only are they fighting to prove their love to the beautiful twins, but they are also forced to live with each other wile doing so.