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Oscars preparations are a secret, but we know he’ll do this because, over most of the last 65 years, televised Oscars shows have just about always featured a host doing just that.

(Well, okay — the Meryl Streep jokes date back only to the late ’70s.) While no one was looking, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences recently dumped most of its Oscars footage onto You Tube — hundreds and hundreds of clips from the show, including virtually every opening monologue, a mind-blowing treasure trove you can have a lot of fun picking through.

Archerd ushers her in and she goes down the aisle trying to greet various stars, who do their best to ignore her.

What comes next was the most outré event in Oscars history, an 11-minute song-and-dance number that can best be described as the trip you’d have after taking a tab of ecstasy and chasing it with a tall glass of denture water from the bedside table of an aging Hollywood icon.

Actors.” Steve Martin looked out at the crowd at the Kodak Theatre.

He will prick Hollywood excess, genuflect to Meryl Streep, and deliver a few zingers pegged to the Best Picture nominees.

Then Merv Griffin appears to sing “I’ve Got a Lovely Bunch of Coconuts.” Even those who knew that Griffin got his start at the Grove (an L. nightclub) singing that song might have wondered what exactly this had to do with Snow White, not to mention cinema in any sense.Unfortunately, we found there weren’t any.” [ columnist, outside the auditorium’s doors.He’s interviewing a young star with an unpleasant, squeaky voice. The idea is that she’s an actress trying to make it in Hollywood.Love made his way to Boston and evolved the “foot stomping street side blues” style he’s known for today. The joke that followed could only work at the Oscars: “If we’re stuck here tonight and run out of food, that’s the order in which we eat them.” We know one thing for sure about Sunday night’s 90th Academy Awards: Jimmy Kimmel will take the stage and, for eight or ten minutes, deliver a string of one-liners.

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The trouble comes from a number of bad decisions made by producer Allan Carr.