Validating password using javascript

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In this tutorial we'll go over all you need to know about the new function syntax before it supplants anonymous functions everywhere.

Matching multiple CSS media queries using window.match Media() In this tutorial lets get touchy feely with Java Script, but examining its touch related events and how they are used to detect and respond to touch and swipe events.

It also shows how to create a 2 level interdependent select list.

Determining cookie support in client's browser If your script relies on Java Script cookies to store and persist information, it's a good idea to always first make sure the user's browser has cookies enabled.

Reading and copying selected text to clipboard using Java Script In this tutorial, we'll see how to read the textual contents of a user selection, dynamically select some text on the page, and last but not least, copy whatever is selected to clipboard, all using just Java Script. Beginner's Guide to Java Script Promises Java Script Promises are a new addition to ECMAscript 6 that aims to provide a cleaner, more intuitive way to deal with the completion (or failure) of asynchronous tasks.

In this tutorial, we'll see how to load, remove, and replace external Java Script and CSS files on demand and asynchronously. Java Script and memory leaks If you're not careful, your Java Script code may leak memory and sometimes even bring the visitor's browser to its knees.

This tutorial looks at different leak patterns in Java Script and how to fix them.

Policy Validator is only available if you have non-compliant policies.

Latest Tutorials Smooth Scrolling HTML Bookmarks using Java Script (natively or j Query) See how to use native Java Script to create smooth scrolling HTML bookmark links inside the page, and for those that need legacy browser support, using j Query instead. Web Animation API- Unleashing the Power of CSS keyframes in Java Script Animate elements in Java Script using the power of CSS keyframes animationz with the Web Animation API!

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Going beyond cookies- Using DOM session Storage and local Storage to persist larger amounts of info HTML5 introduces DOM Storage, a new way of storing data on the client side that overcomes the disk space limitations of Java Script cookies.