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SDNs have gained worldwide attention from academia and industry and have been the subject of numerous research efforts.

The Software Defined Networking (Da Mask) is involved with cloud architecture [13], and attack detection and mitigation occur through a cloud provider rather than by a controller.For effective flow migration Discrete-Time Finite-State Markov Chain model is applied.Extensive simulations using OMNe T demonstrate the performance of our proposed approach, which is better at preserving holding time than are other state-of-the-art works from the literature.Threats as spoofing, tampering, information disclosure, Denial of Service, flow table overloading, and so on have been addressed by many researchers.In this paper, we present novel SDN design to solve three security threats: flow table overloading is solved by constructing a star topology-based architecture, unsupervised hashing method mitigates link spoofing attack, and fuzzy classifier combined with L1-ELM running on a neural network for isolating anomaly packets from normal packets.

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In a DDo S attack, the system is attacked by multiple scatter sources in a manner that denies service to valid users participating in the network [2].

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