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People’s genetic structure, genetic expression, and individual physiological response to stimuli differ; moreover, people’s minds are differently structured and function differently.As a result of either genes, hormones, epigenetic processes, neurology, or physiology, we are different from one another and such differences, in combination with what we experience in life are reflected in our different preferences and behaviors.Barros criticizes Stake’s evolutionary argument on two levels.First, he argues Stake’s evolutionary claims lack evidentiary support and fail to connect in subtle but important ways with substantive property law.

This paper describes three experiments that cast doubt on the existence of free will.

Finally, the paper suggests an application of this mechanism-based approach to a particular instance: understanding the nature of human moral commitment.

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is a common condition following Motor Vehicle Collisions (MVCs) in Ontario, costing our society countless amounts of dollars.

While these experiments do not definitely exclude the possibility of free will, they do provide affirmative evidence that our brains do not consciously make decisions in quite the way that introspection tells us.

As such, they throw into question the factual basis of the freewill justification for purposefully inflicting serious human suffering as punishment.

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The paper does not mean to suggest that there is a simple and direct homology between such mechanisms and any particular physical structures within the brain.

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