Validating asp net server controls Cam2cam sexchat online on iphone5

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Validating asp net server controls

Validator Validate(val) Takes a client-validator as input.

Right now, the button does nothing, besides posting back if the page is valid. NET validation controls provide functionality to perform validation using client script.By default, when client-side validation is being performed, the user cannot post the page to the server if there are errors on the page thus the user experience with the page is enhanced.We will change this by adding an onclick event to it: As you will notice, we check whether or not the page is valid, before we do anything.This is very important, since this code WILL be reached if the clientside validation is not used, for some reason.

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Set this variable to False to turn off validation programmatically.isvalid Boolean property This is a property on each client validator indicating whether it is currently valid.