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A friend of Parker's whom she met while on jury duty, Peggy is the only person outside of the team whom Parker regularly talks to.

Appears in "The 12-Step Job" and "The Boys' Night Out Job." Played by Drew Powell.

Still undeterred, Sakuraba steadily built a working knowledge of submission holds upon his freestyle wrestling base until his efforts were at last rewarded with a win over Mark Silver in October 1994.

Though his record remained below .500, Sakuraba continued to edge his way closer to mid-card status through the rest of the year.

God forbid anyone else would have to learn how to fricking crawl on their stomach through a tiny space.

In particular, Sakuraba is famous for his initial fight with Royce, which lasted ninety minutes and ended after Royce was unable to continue due to damage received from Sakuraba. Since Sophie returned, the two women have been meeting off-screen, but did not work together due to their clashing styles. Two FBI agents Leverage Consulting & Associates tends to come across from time to time. She worked for the army, and was trained by either the FBI, or the Marines.Sakuraba lost his debut in 1993 to Steve Nelson and went winless through his rookie year with the league.It is also popularly alleged that under the eye of Kiyoshi Tamura, he was made to perfectly perform menial chores about the dojo.

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His attempt at murdering the team to cover up his own tracks makes him the victim of their first con; he returns in Name unknown, origin unknown. Some banks invest in business, I invest in countries. A professional investor who's been keeping tabs on Leverage Consulting since their run-in with Dubenich, Latimer repeatedly tries to get the team to work for him. He shows up in "The Two Live Crew Job," where his and Nate's cons cross paths.