Updating windows without validation

Posted by / 24-Jun-2017 13:13

WHAT IF -- my computer crashed and I lost Office 2013?

And the company I downloaded from went out of business? According to the company I would have to verify through them but there's no guarantee they will be in business.

I believe the MS Store still allows you to do such. I was responding to the poster above me and making a copy of a downloaded Office program, or Windows operating system, is allowed BUT it's still not allowed to use on multiple machines.

The copy should only be used when a "reinstall" is required, or when a new installation is allowed per the license.

That WGA does not differentiate 'twixt mainboard and RAM upgrades, in terms of importance, means to me that the WGA needs revision.

The last Windows update in May 2014 created this scenario again. First, follow the instructions in the link below for such an error: are a couple of Youtube videos regarding the issue as well. tag=posts;msg5518840Next, remember that if you had a computer shop install your operating system, it's entirely possible they didn't install a fully legal version, even though they said they did.

In fact, I'm thinking of buying a newer computer next year and will need to transfer the Offc2013 to that new computer.

See -- this is why I don't like downloading MS products and prefer having a hard disk.

RAM is THE most likely thing to change on a valid system, aside from blown HDDs.

A change of RAM should NEVER be the deciding factor in WGA opening its virtual mouth.

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