Updating to 3 80 m33 cambridge speed dating events

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Updating to 3 80 m33

I finally purchased a copy of Backyard EOS 3.1 Classic Edition.

My trial period has ended, and I am very happy with the software.

echo adrotate_ad(20, true, 0, 0); My total number of frames on this object was now over 100! All that was left now was to stack and process all of the data acquired.

I set Deep sky stacker to use “the best 90% of frames” to register and stack, which resulted in a final stack of 84 images total, or exactly 7 hours.

I captured 38 frames on this DSO on Wednesday night.

The subs were 4 minutes each using ISO 800 on my aging modified Canon Xsi.

The following 2 nights of the week were also clear, and I took full advantage.

I even had success with my creation of flat and bias frames.

I shot the bias frames through the telescope with the lens cap on, at the fastest shutter speed my camera allows (1/4000 of a second).

The M33 Galaxy is the third-largest galaxy in the local-group of galaxies, behind the Milky Way and Andromeda.

It’s large size from our vantage point makes my wide-field astrophotography 80mm telescope a great choice for imaging this target.

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The flat frames were created by shooting through the telescope, pointed at the early morning blue sky. I shot separate bias and flat frames for each night, except the first.

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