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Updating tiers

Developers located in Japan If you’re located in Japan and offer paid items or in-app purchases to customers in Japan, beginning October 1, 2015, the Chrome Web Store Payments transaction fee is now considered a business-to-business (B2B) transaction.You’re responsible for assessing and reporting JCT for the B2B services provided by a foreign entity to the National Tax Agency in Japan.

Each "You get" row shows approximately the payment you should expect per sale at each price.

JCT will not be automatically added to your app’s transaction fees.

If you have specific questions related to your tax responsibilities in Japan, consult your tax advisor.

This is to ensure a consistent pricing structure with in-app payments made in apps available on Google Play.

ARC does not currently support other purchase models including up-front payments, subscriptions and in-app version upgrades; as these types of purchases require provisioning from Google Play which is not currently enabled.

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When you use Chrome Web Store Payments, you need to choose from one of 18 price tiers for each region that you publish to.

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