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i am running yellow dog 6 on my ps3 and i would like to update the pidgin which is currently at version 2.0.2-3.i want the newest version of 2.4 or whatever it is. I have noticed that when you start a chat window, the chat history log gets created but until you close your chat window, the log file time stamp doesn't update even though the log content is updating but the time stamp doesn't update.Is it possible for chat history log time stamp to update while the content is updating too?Please also have a look at the installation documentation for your method of deployment to check for paragraphs that refer to the process of updating Rocket. There might be some major changes when we introduce big new features or modifications, you can always take a look on the releases page to see what has been changed, broken or added to Rocket. Dating is pleasure exclude towards guarantee you see to it now the safest lane feasible we cover position cool approximately fair principles near rally round you grasp the nearly all outdated of your dating journey. Hey all, Since I installed Pidgin it hasn't been updating the contact list when someone either comes online or goes offline; it always shows the contacts that are online when it logs me on.I don't know what causes this (it could be a missing dependency since my install is pretty minimal) and a search didn't provide the answer.

Expected outcome: The custom protocol icon is still visible.

When installing a new version of Pidgin, any files added by the user to the pixmaps\pidgin\protocols directory are lost. An alternative solution: instead of searching one or more pre-set directories for the icon, allow the user to select a specific image file using an 'Open file' type dialog, like that which is used to select a buddy icon for an account.

It is generally considered bad practice to write to the Program Files directory except during install/uninstall, in addition to the fact that only users with administrator access will be able to add custom icons.

If you’re on Docker or similar deployment methods, just pull the new image (Docker), refresh the snap (Snap installtion) or just use whatever means your deployment method allows for.

In case of manual installations you can just replace the old version with the newer one.

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I think this is a bug so I wonder where to report this.... project=1&product_category=2&item_summary=[pidgin] PLEASE ENTER SUMMARYYou might want to make the the parenthesis around 'pidgin' brackets, though...couldn't make a link with brackets in it. There's been some progress on this bugreport, as you can read: supposedly is a fix, but on 2.10.2 it doesn't work yet.

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