Updating nested table

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The user should have an ability to insert and update records.I was planning to use VARRAY/NESTED TABLE to implement this design.Objects give you tunnel vision -- one myoptic view.Use OR views if you like, but try to avoid these constructs outside of plsql - they do not lend themselves to real world problems. Item Code: Item1 Item Desc: Item Name Parameter Val1 Val2 Val3 Val4 Val5 Param1 1 2 3 4 5 Param2 1 2 3 4 5 Param3 1 2 3 4 5 For each item there is an array of parameters and for each parameter there is an array of values.I have the book, but I still haven't read it cover to cover ..gets used as more of a reference (by both me and the projects I work on).

Infinitely easier (to me) March 01, 2004 - am UTC I would have java array insert scalars into a gtt and then call a procedure, the procedure would read the gtt with bulk collect if it wanted to process as an array or just read the gtt row by row to process.August 17, 2004 - am UTC first, I'll just state " i would never use a varray or nested table for persistant storage" especially for this model!!!answer me this batman -- how many students got a B or above in math OR an A in science.and don't forget, a varray will quickly become a blob stored out of line (over 4,000 bytes - out of line) meaning it is stored in chunks (4001 bytes will take AT LEAST a chunk of space which is AT LEAST a block of space) and will need to be accessed via a LOB INDEX.hows about an IOT with primary key = parent_id timestamp - data.

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see am i correct in saying though, that if you are passing data from jdbc to oracle and you need to pass arrays or elements or records then a varray of objects is the only way to do it?

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