Updating i 9 documents

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Updating i 9 documents

If an employee presents a Form I-551, you should know that Forms I-551 may contain no expiration date, a 10-year expiration date, or a two-year expiration date.

Cards that expire in 10 years or not at all are issued to lawful permanent residents with no conditions on their status.

If so, make sure to uncheck the Eligibility and Collect Eligibility options under Hiring Documents when rehiring the employee.

Once the employee has onboarded, upload the previously completed Form I-9 into the Documents section of the employee's profile.

Administrators should take steps to be reasonably assured of the employee's identity and the veracity of the employee's claim of a legal name change.

Any administrator with sufficient permissions (e.g., can view sensitive information for particular employees) will receive an email notification when the employer's side of a new hire's I-9 is ready for verification.

(This is why it is important to have a tracking method on documents that have expiration dates, excluding those listed above.) You may use Section 3 of Form I-9, or, if Section 3 has already been used for a previous reverification or update, use a new Form I-9.

To reverify: For non-citizen employees when an their employment authorization document expires, you must reverify his or her employment authorization no later than the date employment authorization expires.If more than 3 years have passed since the date they completed their previous I-9, or if their work authorization document has expired, a new Form I-9 is required.Zenefits does not currently sync with E-Verify, the third party employment eligibility verification provider.The employee must present a document that shows current employment authorization, e.g., any document from List A or List C, including an unrestricted Social Security card.If the employee cannot provide you with proof of current employment authorization, you cannot continue to employ that person.

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regulations, employers must accept documents that reasonably appear to be genuine and relate to the person presenting them.

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