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Updating facebook from twitter

What sets Selective Twitter apart from other similar services is that you choose which tweets are sent to your Facebook wall by including the hashtag #fb.

This is useful for people who don’t want to flood their Facebook friends with all of their tweets.

If you're new to Twitter, or just haven't followed the Twitter to Facebook trend in recent months, we've found a few quick and easy ways to turn your tweets into status updates.

From auto-updating your Facebook status, to more calculated updates, we think these five ways to share Twitter updates with Facebook will satisfy those of us with a predilection for maintaining dual social presences.

Unlike Selective Tweets, all of your tweets will be posted, with the exception of @ replies and direct messages.

If you’re active on both Facebook and Twitter it can be a hassle updating both social networks at the same time.There are several apps that make it easy to automatically post your latest tweets to your Facebook wall.While clearly not as popular, there are also some options on how to post your Facebook status updates to your Twitter feed, whether from your Facebook page or personal profile.All updates show on Twitter as being updated via Facebook.If you’re equally active on Facebook and Twitter and want to update them at the same time, there are several applications to consider.

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