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Disk image created from a data storage tape formatted for the Commodore 64 (C64) or ZX Spectrum systems; contains an exact copy of the data from the tape in a single file; typically used for games or other types of applications.

Listed Measurements: 5-foot-9 ½, 179 pounds 2018-19 year, eligibility: Senior with two seasons of eligibility remaining, including 2018.

In other words, she doesn’t really believe she is responsible. There is no evidence that these were decisive factors.

Swing voters of the Rustbelt states were much more concerned with jobs than Hillary’s email server, and they could not care less about leaked emails from John Podesta (who? As for misogyny, how do you explain that a majority of white women voted for Trump?

Vladimir Putin and Wikileaks didn’t instruct her to insult the millions of people she labelled ‘deplorable’ and ‘irredeemable’.

And neither Comey nor Putin were to blame for Clinton’s lack of message or purpose. In one sense, Clinton’s desire to blame Comey and Wikileaks is not a big surprise, given that Democrats have been pointing the finger at them for months.

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In writing off millions as ‘deplorable’, she was only expressing a commonly held view among the elite.

And now, in shifting the blame, Hillary joins many other liberals in avoiding to face up to reality, and trying to understand what is lacking in their politics.

Clinton’s remarks proved to be just another example of a truism – the Democrats’ reaction to Trump’s election shows why Trump won.

Former Ohio State defensive end Mike Kudla died unexpectedly on Sunday, according to a Facebook post from his high school alma mater, Highland High School in Medina, Ohio. The Maxwell Football Club got things kicked off this week with the release of the Maxwell Award and Bednarik Award watch lists. Twitter is a unique beast, with college football Twitter its own monster and the Notre Dame subsection a terror all its own.

The overreactions, hot takes and incessant hand-wringing create an ecosystem...

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As it happens, America was perfectly ready for a woman president – just not ready for Hillary.

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