Updating certifier id entry

Posted by / 01-Mar-2017 17:27

Updating certifier id entry

In addition to reviewing staff that have access to change or update payroll, the Payroll Certifier should randomly select an appropriate number of employees and review the time entered for those employees.These randomly selected employees should be different employees each pay period.

The payroll certifier is required to verify the gross pay and the net pay on the payroll register agree to the amounts in the Journal Entry created in E1.An agency with 800 employees may determine to review 10 randomly selected employees each pay period.If the Payroll Register report is 400 pages long the Payroll Certifier should look at one employee on every 40th page (that is one employee on page 40, one on page 80, one on page 120, etc.) to determine if the employee’s total hours are reasonable.This review should be documented with a tic mark and the initials of the Certifier.For the following pay period, to ensure a random selection of employees that are different from the last pay period, the Payroll Certifier can begin on page 3 and then select every 40th page (page 43, page 83, page 123, etc.) For the next pay period the Payroll Certifier can begin the random selection on page 7.

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The person certifying the payroll must review their Agency payroll to ensure: Reports that may assist you with this review are the Payroll Register (R073012), the Payroll Journal Proof/Edit Report (R05229) and the Payroll Exception Report (R053191).