Updating an old computer

Posted by / 12-Feb-2017 10:15

Here’s what I’d recommend: The benefits were insane: It booted 10x faster and all programs ran significantly smoother. Some laptops also allow the option for installing more RAM. It ran games ok, but I was immediately thrown back into the stone age with its mechanical drive: games took ages to load and Windows had major delays.But I’d recommend that only if you’ve got less than 4 GB. Plus, when I plugged it into a 4K projector, it became very evident that the 970 is good enough only for Full HD gaming (for non-gamers, that is not as good as 4K, despite the word “Full”).

That’s why I frequently open up my PC case and laptops and clean things out with a gas duster, which uses compressed air to catapult dust bunnies out of the systems.The built-in Uninstall Manager identifies which programs haven’t been used in ages and are just hogging space on your hard disk.After downloading the utility (you can get the trial version here), open it up and go to the Clean Up section; click on the Uninstall unused programs button.The next screen shows you a list of all your installed applications. But it doesn’t have the option to filter out unused applications.Just click Filter in the top right and select one of the bottom options: The utility takes inventory of your PC and shows how many days it has been since each program has been used.

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Unless you’re heavily into software engineering, 4K video editing, or gaming, a 4-5-year-old PC is usually powerful enough to be your daily driver. The trick to keeping it moving is getting rid of the digital and actual dust it has collected over the years.