Updating agv on vista

Posted by / 31-May-2017 20:10

Updating agv on vista

It is necessary to run Windows Update BEFORE installing AVG Free on a Vista machine.

Without the necessary updates, AVG will not update properly.

yes, if I then try to manually restart AVG as administrator, it runs fine.

So the question is, how to make avg start with admin rights.

And since Vista's clean-install setup program forces you to create a new user account with computer administrator privileges, everyone has to cross this hurdle in finding the built-in Administrator.

AVG Antivirus is a family of antivirus software developed by AVG Technologies, which is owned by Avast Software.

But the MMC-based Computer Management section of the Administrative Tools Control Panel does give you access to the Administrator account.after that then just running them like you do normally is all that is used ...its only during the install or uninstall that you take this extra step.Make sure you run ALL available updates, not just the high-priority updates. Also it is recommended to uninstall AVG Free from your pc before the upgrading to Windows Vista. When you re-install AVG don't forget to follow this procedure....Vista has a new security model that means even the admin users do not really run programs with full admin rights.

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This question came up as well in the AVG forums, but sadly, no solution is ever given in these threads.