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Uni dating

” another friend recently remarked after hearing about my somewhat turbulent summer of dating in Leeds. Boys from university be smoother than dating those at home i.e. So I put some lifestyle journalists and myself to this quest. Maybe I should not choose men in future as I pick the overly clingy or the media warriors.

Wiping the slate clean, as they say, I allowed myself to be set up. However, it went so smoothly that I obviously had to take charge to spice up the drama and sabotage myself.

This inboxing and whatsapp war enables them to speak to many girls but then stop as quickly as they can swipe left on Tinder.

They then brag to their friends in the pub at how many girls they have on the go, but do they really?

I’ve been caught in the middle of family domestics over Sunday lunch.A, classy, bourbon musician who acted as sour as a jealous understudy, boasting about himself he refused to buy her a cup of tea.Now we are all for equality and take pride in making our own way but, for a guy to insist upon a date to impress then fail in simple, expected, etiquette screams awkward spoilt brat or is overcompensating… Unfortunately we found that when you return home from university everyone tends to know one another and gossip travels quickly.Oh and not forgetting the infamous ‘bromances,’ where you do not know who is the third wheel and who is in the relationship.Sandwiched onto one side of four-seated picnic table my date literally had his cake and ate it, plus a side of cocktail sausage.

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Although the boys outside of university are not as “forward” as those in university, they have a lot of talk and that seems to be it.