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What do you like about the show and what do you think is connecting most with viewers? I love the relationship between Lucious (Terrence Howard) and Cookie. I love that everyone is trying to get it so you don’t know who to trust, you don’t know what’s going to happen with the characters. I think that people are probably going to want to bring that kind of energy back to television.

There hadn’t really been a whole lot of urban shows on TV. I must say the urban community is a huge part of the market and they want to see themselves on TV.

It shows the life of Angela and Marcus to date.” The cast includes East Orange-native Kiki Haynes, who was a student of Smith’s at TSAW.

I feel like Carol is the one that gets down and dirty and she’s the one who will help Cookie do whatever dirty work needs to be done.

This season, she’s almost like a quiet storm and it’s going to be interesting with some of the things that happen. Henson on Why Cookie Is the Queen of Primetime How did Tajari get such a great name and you ended up with Carol? But I got to tell you, I like the sound of it: “Cookie & Carol.” It’s kind of cool with the Cookie and the Carol going on.

Honey, Cookie is in rare form and Lucious is as luscious as ever. When you get a little deeper into the season, you will see Cookie and her sisters having a few family issues, which is going to be very interesting too. Fox will make an appearance as Cookie’s older sister later in the season.

Can you give us any insight into that as Cookie’s younger sister?

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“It’s now a blessing that she’s starring in the show with me,” Smith says.

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