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l U Chrysler, Itvine, LA 92718(714)581-0770 FAX: (■’14)581-9240 TELEX: 51060l-i S25. But you can't upgrade the motherboard or the monitor, add disk drives, or insert any add-on boards.

'nil INDI I’l M)l N1 (IIIIDI IQ IHM-STANDAR.) PI RSONAI COMPl! The only other option is a dealer-installed real-time clock ()witha 10-year battery that clips below the main CPU .

In the long run what really counts is technological excellence. Ofil' .95 Turbo C" It’s the festesi, most powerful, full featured C compiler at any pric'e. Only .95 Turbo Prolog Toolbox” The new collection of efficient, “smart" tcx)ls for use with our highly acclaimed TUrbo Prolog." the natural language of Artificial Intelligence Only .95 Turbo Basic' It’s the high speed BASIC you’d expect from Borland. -t’33 In Canada 1800)337-1136 4sas scorn v ALUYDfilvf scorn v ALUY CASsoee )4oe)438 84oo mix tr23r3 Announcing 80386 power with 1 MB of 32 -bit RAM for less than ,000. The ea Zy pc’s 14-inch, pa- per-white monochrome display achieves a dramatic increase in resolution by double-scanning the standard 200-linc CGA im- age.

B1 IU6BW Borland Software: Technical superiority, innovation and high performance I Turbo Pascal Numerical Methods Toolbox” High performance, stale ofihe an numerical routines for TUrbo Pasc'al* programmers. A complete develop- ment environment including an amaz ingly fast compiler, interactive editor and trace debugging system. Last year, Advanced Logic Research introduced the first 80386 systems. PRODUCTION MANAGER AD PRODUCTKW ASSISTANTS EDITORIAL PRODUCTION COORDINATOR PRODUCTION SYSTEMS Dotottiy Chiffrilla. The result is an eminently readable, flicker-free display that uses an 8- by 1 6-character box (compared with the stan- dard CGA's 8 by 8 box) and eight shades of gray to simulate color while retaining complete CGA compatibility.

Our way makes the fastest even faster where it counts — in the real world. .” And introduced the first 386 system, which PC Tech Journal said “. ’ Our complete line of perfor- mance XT and AT-compatible systems offers the advanced technology of one of the world’s most experienced PC esign teams. It performs traditional DOS shell functions such as file management and point-and- shoot execution of applications.

And with up to 2 MB of RAM on the motherboard, you get flexibility with your power. Naturally the raw speed of 80386 means the 386/2 series make great EGA graphic work- stations for CAD/CAM. Read the reviews and compare the 386/2 to the others. If you find more power, flexibility and quality somewhere else, buy somewhere else. And the cost- f Fective quality of Singapore- ased manufacturing. [JRf A C T dra F I L E Zenith ca Zy pc Zenith Data Systems 1000 Milwaukee Avenue Glenview.

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Which makes you wonder why others want thousands more for less flexible, first- generation 386 systems. Sure, Compaq and IBM use the fastest av^able hard disks and controllers with 1:1 interleaving, Advanced Logic Research Compaq ® IBM just like Advanced Logic Research. Bundled with the system is the Microsoft MS-DOS Manag- er program, a character-orient- ed.