Traditional jewish dating ideologies

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Unless otherwise noted, these courses are open to students with upper-division standing and to any student who has taken one quarter of any HILD course or articulated equivalent, or one quarter of a college writing course, including HUM 1–5; MCWP 40, 41, 50, or 125; DOC 1–3; WCWP 10A or 10B; MMW 11–15, 21, or 22; or CAT 1–3.Check with the department to see which courses are available each quarter. Modern Africa since 1880 (4) A survey of African history dealing with the European scramble for territory, primary resistance movements, the rise of nationalism and the response of metropolitan powers, the transfer of power, self-rule and military coups, and the quest for identity and unity. West Africa since 1880 (4) West Africa from the nineteenth century onwards and examines the broad outlines of historical developments in the sub-region through the twentieth century, including such themes as religious, political, and social changes. Small Wars and the Global Order: Africa and Asia (4) Examines the traumas, interrelation, and global repercussions of national conflicts (“small wars”) in the postcolonial world.Primary and secondary readings on basic ideas, institutions and practices of the Confucian, Daoist, and Buddhist paths and of the state and family. East Asia and the West, 1279–1911 (4) From the Mongol conquests to China’s last dynasty and Japan’s annexation of Korea, this course examines political, institutional, and cultural ruptures and continuities as the East Asian countries responded to the challenges of Western imperialism with defense, reform, conservative reaction and creative imitation. Twentieth-Century East Asia (4) Examines the emergence of a regionally dominant Japan before and after World War II; the process of revolution and state-building in China during the Nationalist and Communist eras; and Korea’s encounter with colonialism, nationalism, war, revolution and industrialization. Film and History in Latin America (4) Students watch films on Latin America and compare them to historical research on similar episodes or issues.

Of central concern will be the Mexican American, race, oppression, mass migrations, ethnicity, city life in industrial America, and power and protest in modern America. Race and Ethnicity in the Global World (4) Lectures and discussions surveying the topics of race, slavery, demographic patterns, ethnic variety, and rural and urban life in the United States, with special focus on European, Asian, and Mexican immigration. Themes include the nature of traditional East Asian society and culture, East Asian responses to political and economic challenges posed by an industrialized West, and war, revolution and modernization in the twentieth century. East Asia: The Great Tradition (4) The evolution of East Asian civilization from the first writing through classical Hei’an Japan and late imperial Song China.How much control do individual countries such as China have over global processes?Special emphasis will be placed on global contexts and the impacts of China’s decision to reintegrate its society and economy with capitalist countries since 1978.Recommended preparation: previous course work on China helpful but not required. Primary sources will include written texts and visual materials.May be taken for credit four times with department approval. China under the Ming Dynasty (1368–1644) (4) Ming history from its beginnings under Mongol rule until its fall to rebels and the Manchus. Life in Ming China (1369–1644) (4) We read primary and secondary sources to explore the experiences, worldview, and relationships of Ming men and women, variously including emperors and empresses, scholar-officials, upper-class wives, merchants, weavers, painters, eunuchs, Daoists, fighting monks, farmers, actors, gardeners, courtesans, soldiers, and pirates. Women and Gender in East Asia (4) The impact of modern transformations on female roles and gender relations in China, Japan, and Korea, focusing on the late imperial/early modern periods through the twentieth century. The Silk Road in Chinese and Japanese History (4) This course studies the peoples, cultures, religions, economics, arts, and technologies of the trade routes known collectively as the Silk Road from c. We will examine these trade routes as an early example of globalization. History of Material Culture in China (4) Introduction to material culture in China from a historical perspective.

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