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Tom dellert schenectady dating profile

Woodstock’s Jesse Reimer often goes dumpster-diving to create works like “Grandpa’s Secret,” a chair fashioned from an iron tractor seat and a bowler figurine from a Coney Island arcade (00).

Pull a lever at the chair’s bluestone base, and the bowler juts forward, aiming for a strike.

It looks ready to burst open its doors and start singing “Be Our Guest.” Michael King’s pine table (00), pierced through with a three-pronged branch, draws inspiration from the enchanted broom of .

He’ll be expanding on his love for all things reclaimed with the upcoming winter show Art and Artifact, which will feature scavenged iron and steel factory parts.“But in this little valley, it’s this industrial, post-apocalyptic, crumbling Soho mill scene.” That’s perfect for Art et Industrie, which showcases home décor at the crossroads of nature and manufacturing.Its inaugural show, with more than 200 designs by 20 regional artisans, features works exclusively made from reclaimed and salvaged materials — from antique shovels and wind-fallen maples to wood ripped from Coney Island’s boardwalks.With Art et Industrie, he wants to make that moment new.“The period this mill represents is when people were still working farms,” he says.

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The results are a testament to eco-friendly ingenuity.