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Tim and eric dating service video

About a year ago, he said to me, "I don't care what anybody says about Bill Cosby.

That man was a mentor who taught me skills I've always use—in my private life." Then just a couple of months ago, he had three teeth extracted on the same day.

' My answer was, ' Of course he had a family.' He created the Lawyer Bill Isaacson, who'd become Shandling's friend while representing him in that case, told of the toll it had taken on Shandling. " He says, "Alan, my dog's penis tastes bitter. " I called my wife Robin and said, "I think I found a writing partner." One time, he told me he'd met someone and gone out on a date. " He said, "We were in bed, and she said, ' No finger up the ass.' I said, ' Look, it's my finger. If that's where I want to keep it, you don't get a vote.'" Garry used to say that sometimes when he was lonely he'd shave one leg so it felt like he was sleeping with a woman.

Even after a settlement was reached, Isaacson said, Shandling then had to relive it again in 2008 when a private investigator Grey had hired, Anthony Pellicano, was prosecuted for, among other things, unlawfully accessing the private records of celebrities. He also said he couldn't afford a private jet, but he could afford to pay the people on a commercial airliner to get off. He was complex, at times neurotic, a perfectionist with high standards. I think the fact that he spelled his name with two R's was a warning.

He emailed me: "Now I understand what the Jews are so mad about." One time, Garry was going off to Hawaii, and before he got in the car to go to the airport, he said, "If anything happens, my ' A' jokes are in the kitchen." I wanted to read one of those "A" jokes.

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'") "He'd reinvented comedy on TV two times, and yet we're always going, ' When's the next time?It's the rare Hollywood memorial service at which Adam Sandler sings a serious song, Johnny Depp backs up rocker Ryan Adams, Kevin Nealon apologizes to some Buddhist monks for an excess of "pussy and cock wordplay," and a reigning studio chieftain (Paramount Pictures chairman and CEO Brad Grey) is referred to repeatedly as despicable.But Sunday night had all that and more as 900 or so friends of Garry Shandling, who died last month at the age of 66, gathered to celebrate his comedy genius.In this audience (which also included Sarah Silverman, Judd Apatow, Warren Beatty and Annette Bening, Tom Petty, Al Franken, Bob Saget, Conan O' Brien, Jimmy Kimmel, Vince Vaughn, Jeff Goldblum, Tim Allen, Ray Romano, Norman Lear, Billy Crystal, Bob Odenkirk, Albert Brooks, Brooke Shields, Cheryl Hines, Rob Reiner, Phil Rosenthal, Jon Favreau, Jeremy Piven, Eric Idle, Robert Wuhl, and Henry Winkler), everyone knew that Shandling had reinvented television comedy not once, but twice, with In stirring speeches that echoed through the Wilshire Ebell, a historic Los Angeles theater, Shandling was described as a shy boy who at 10 years old lost his beloved older brother, Barry, to cystic fibrosis.The death tore through his family, particularly wounding his mother, who did not take him to the funeral or explain to him what had happened.

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Instead, he sought to quiet his demons through meditation, observant humor, and abiding friendship, and that, more than anything, was the theme of Sunday's three-hour service.

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