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The cold weather does something to this machine, yet they still take your money for their faulty equipment. We have received your incident report and reviewed your account regarding your Violation Lockout on . "Put a interlock" system in "Every" car, truck and motorcycle. If there are any issues it's coming out to have Life Safer install one of their devices. She wants the authorization complete by next Friday or in the works.

Any time anything to do with this machine is your fault. This is the email I received from Smart Start after now the 4th FALSE violation. I can easily go back to doing what I had before and Mary can save all her monies for monthly charges, insurance and the headaches. She CANNOT operate the device properly or efficiently.

Now I'm stuck at home or catching the bus or rides to put applications or interviews and people get fed up cause of me taking their time. After having the device for only 6 weeks I have had to go back the service station 2 times for malfunctions.

Took it in this morning and replaced my defective unit and no charge! First of all it's a machine where your time life depends on it. After testing it would turn off and make you take it again. I'm sorry to say this but alcoholics that dont want to see the light are going to find a way to continue drinking and driving vehicles that are not theirs.

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If I let my car set for two or three days or if it's too cold. Cause supposedly didnt blow cause damn machine never beep when it was suppose to. I will STILL have to pay to clear the code tomorrow. The service station said they had already serviced about 30 of them and three more people showed up while I was waiting with the same problem.

I honestly can say if I knew it was going to bring me down like this. I told them that I don't want anything getting in the way of my scheduled removal in January since the machine analysis time eventually gets so long, it just kicks it to a violation. This was followed by a list of instruction if DMV sends me a violation notice! When a cold weather snap strikes my device is constantly failing.

Nearly 2 years of experience with this machine has taught me that if I don't get the head unit replaced, it's 100% going to give me a violation. (Which, yes I had to pay to clear the code.) So last month between servicing appointments, I stopped at the shop at told them my analysis time was getting really long and I would like to have the head unit replaced. They insist I must have used mouth wash, which I did not. After an hour on the phone, mostly waiting, I was told to find a credit card and the situation would be reviewed in the next 3 days! It only took a few hours for an email to say that I have been reimbursed as a COURTESY to my Smart Start account.

It cost every time you take it back even if it was not your fault. Last month, I noticed that the time it was taking to analyze my breaths were getting longer and longer again. If they say I have to keep this in for another 4 months minimum... About 5 minutes later, on my way to the service station, the same thing!

I put the trickle charger on it until Monday then I will drive it in and have their BS removed. Seems funny the breathalyzer the cops had worked fine but this cheap junk doesn't. Managed to quit drinking for a year now this ** I can't afford to drink or drive and ** you intact insurance. I had twice a code on my device come up after it not working after 15 to 20 tries. Each time you must before hrs is up take back in to the installer as Camper City in Horn Lake MS. If you ask 3 different people the same question you will get 5 different answers.

The remaining portion of the lockout charge will cover the shop's service cost for performing the violation reset on your device. ”The interlock system has malfunctioned "many" times! On top of everything else we have to do all the backs we have to scratch and all the flaming hoops that we have to jump through, all the while throwing money at all these atrocious things.

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Since I've been staying on top of the way my machine behaves (also not drinking, eating, no cologne, etc...) I "KNEW" I was good for a Jan 24, 2018 removal and haven't had any cost-incurring malfunctions in over 10 months. Their customer service is awful as I’ve never had less than a 1 hour wait on the phone to talk to somebody and then when I do they are not helpful at all.

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