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With Optimus Prime's head still in Decepticon possession, Prowl took command of the Autobots until their true leader could be restored.

The lethal efficiency of Prowl's stance was just as strongly opposed by another faction who saw such action as a perversion of their sacred lifeforce, and the potential for laying waste to Earth.He does not react well to the unexpected, to the point that it can literally scramble his cerebral circuits.The Dinobot commander Grimlock, who is disorder made manifest, especially honks Prowl off, and Prowl feels pretty much the same way in return, only with more swear words. Prowl was one of the select Autobots chosen by Optimus Prime to travel aboard the Ark, and ended up in stasis lock for four million years at the base of Mount St. Once the volcano exploded, Optimus chose Prowl to lead the first away mission into civilization.Prowl also neutralized the rocket's poison, and got a good chuckle out of watching the two Decepticon factions arrive days later and begin fighting over a useless cargo.A new team of Autobots called Earthforce had been formed, partly to help recover Prowl and the atmospheric rocket, and he quickly joined the organization once reunited with his fellow Autobots.

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When the Autobot Earthbase was finished, Prowl gathered with all the other Autobots outside to witness Wheeljack's handiwork.

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