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There are several different types of sex clubs with different sets of rules and expectations.

But if you don’t have someone to be your guide, Sydney Star Observer has gathered some tips from the venues.Ty Dovans of Sydney City Steam at 357 Sussex St said everybody has to have a first time so it is OK to be nervous, and it doesn’t hurt to tell the staff that it’s your first time so they can show you around. A first-timer is easy to pick as he walks into mirrors and walls.If you walk into the sling room or wrestling room you are indicating that’s what you’re looking for, so look inside rooms before entering, he said.That’s just life, something you have to learn to adapt to.The number one rule for all venues is -˜no means no’. The more common problem for both first-timers and seasoned users is thinking they’ve paid their entrance fee, so they have to have sex to get their money’s worth, Hannah said.

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