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I think what happens is you are close to groups all day and then a few errant shots and you fall behind.Hopefully when this happens early in the round the time is made up.Recently Santa Teresa cut down over 10 dead trees around the course.First Flight Sr NCGA Qual 2-MBB - Was a run away by the team of Gib Gibson / Stan Yamada.However Seascape has withdrawn from the match play for 2018.Second Match at Spring Hills did not go as well, Brian Malekzadeh was the only person winning his match, Final result 34-2, ugh:(Third Match at home vs. Like to see how each team performed, scroll down and look on the right. An email was sent to all full members regarding what is ahead of us. Scott Ansok is our captain this year and the Co-Captain is Mark Richmond.

Minutes represents the time it took for a group to finish the 18th hole after the group in front of them.

Or perhaps it is this world is just on a vampire addiction kick ever since the Twilight books ended up.

Either one, True Blood is definitely a show looking on to.

# is players for the year and what percent of the field on average finished behind for the year.

Ideally everyone should finish 10 minutes or less behind, based on the data 50.5% of 2017 participants meets the goal.

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Gib and Stan will be trying to qualify on August 8th at a local course and hopefully advance to the Championship flight at Poppy Ridge in September. Third place money went to the two Randy's Bleske/Stark. Check your score and all the detailed Pace of Play: Clocks on 1 and 18. Group 1 played in last group , representing a sizeable 27 minutes of slip.