Sixs veduo chat barz

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Sixs veduo chat barz

And while many of the first and biggest platforms within the space – such as Periscope and Facebook Live – are still piloting monetization models for creators, a crop of both established and emerging platforms — including,, You Now, You Tube, and Twitch — are facilitating serious money-making prospects through newfangled virtual currency paradigms.From bars to coins to diamonds and gifts, the ways in which money is transacted across these platforms — and how creators get paid — can get complicated, so we’ve broken it down.

The more expensive the gift that a viewer bestows, the more prominently the emoji appears within the chat stream.

Or just tell the bartenders what you like and let them surprise you.

Forget 99 bottles on the wall; has 101 beers on tap, and the bartenders are friendly and extremely knowledgeable about each of the pours.

But save your judgement, because this place has a killer cocktail program.

Its Sazerac is on point, as is The Gentleman Caller—a subtly walnut-y Manhattan. has a serious selection on tap, as well as bottles to buy and growlers to fill, exclusively from Texan breweries.

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Last fall, Baker says that within his first dozen or so streams, he was clocking six-digit viewcounts and roughly $30,000 in revenue.