Single parent dating happy jack arizona

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Single parent dating happy jack arizona

He resigns after nearly dying from being shot because he thinks being Chief isn't his place.

He and Meredith adopt an orphan named Zola from Africa at the beginning of Season 8 despite initially having problems with the adoption process, including his and Meredith's brief separation.

Eventually, Bailey decides to start taking a medication that will help control it. Bailey is named Chief of Surgery, making her the first female Chief in the history of the hospital.

They start living apart, and by Season 14, they decide to get a divorce when Amelia discovers she has a brain tumor that had been impeding on her judgement for the last 10 years, including her decision to marry Owen.

Since then, Owen has had flings with Carina De Luca and Teddy, both of which have failed.

After surviving the plane crash in the Season 8 finale, he begins recovering from his injured hand before he gets a nerve donated from his sister to fix it.

Although he and Meredith struggle with fertility problems, Meredith gives birth to their son Bailey in the Season 9 finale.

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