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And more so, she has been good to Hiten as well in all these months.

Other than that he has been in industry for really long, he knows how to deal and behave in any given situation.

From Twitter: Photos the biggest lift in tweets, with quotes coming in a close second. Twitter is a two-way street, a way to communicate with your audience. This doesn’t mean that as a journalist or content creator the photos you tweet all have to be yours.

Put another way, if @journalist normally gets an average of 100 retweets per post. Tweets containing numbers, a video url and hashtags also lead to double-digit boost. Let’s be honest, you won’t have something gripping to share every hour.

Notes: My process for composing sonnagrams is as follows: I feed one of Shakespeare’s sonnets into an internet anagram engine, generating fourteen lines of text that is quantitatively equivalent to Shakespeare’s poem at the level of the letter.

I then rearrange this text, clicking and dragging letter by letter until I have a new English sonnet.

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