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If at the time of said reinspection the applicant's property continues to have one or more substantial violations, as determined by the Building Code Official for the Borough of Upland, then the applicant shall forfeit her or his escrow monies and shall be subject to liability to the Borough of Upland for fines and/or penalties as further set forth in this Code.If the cost of the repairs deemed necessary by the Building Code Official for the applicant to remedy any and all substantial violations is in excess of the amount of money placed in an escrow by said applicant, that amount shall be paid by the applicant.Any type of failure to pass the annual permit/inspection, due to repairs, Code violations, or the maintenance issues, et cetera, the landlord shall pay a reinspection fee of for each time the inspector/inspectors have to reinspect the unit.

This said fee shall from hereon after be levied by resolution of the Council of the Borough of Upland.

Whether the building complies with all of the provisions of the Upland Borough Building Code, Zoning Ordinance and other applicable ordinances and, if not, the basis on which noncompliance is justified.

When the Building Code Official determines that there exists a violation of any provision of this article, the Building Code Official shall serve written notice of such violation to the person or persons responsible therefor, as hereinafter provided.

If a landlord has more than two inspections, and the unit still fails inspection, the landlord shall be required to pay 0 per inspection, for the inspector/inspectors to return each and every time thereafter.

If after the fourth inspection of any given rental unit, the unit still does not pass the inspection, the owner shall be cited for whichever or all Code violation/violations that the inspector/inspectors deem necessary; that are the main concerns for the failing of the inspection/inspections to not issuing the annual permit.

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