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Museums that exist only in cyberspace (i.e., virtual museums) are not included. Operated by the Blue Island Historical Society in the lower level of the Blue Island Public Library, illustrates the history of the Blue Island area from before the time of the city's founding in 1836. However, we found it impossible to thoroughly discuss troubling issues many Latter-day Saints have without being open and specific about the activities in the temple.Complete, accurate scripts as well as video footage is readily available on the Internet, however we give our own opinions regarding these ceremonies.The LDS temple ceremony has many parallels to Masonic rites, and for good reason: Joseph Smith introduced the rites into the LDS temple about two months after becoming a Freemason himself, and fourteen years after his brother Hyrum and (possibly 34 years) after his father both became Freemasons.The rituals taken from Masonry cannot have come from Solomon's time (as many Mormons believe) as Masonry did not originate until no earlier than the 1600s AD.Includes Schweinfurth Museum with historical collections, and village with log homes, log church, 1820 Jail, windmill & grist mill, and working blacksmith shop and printing shop Memorabilia and artifacts from its collections about seven authors from the United Kingdom: C. Within the temple the most important and sacred LDS ordinances are performed.

Eternal families The Second Anointing Temple ceremony video Responses by the LDS Church Critics' summary Editor's comments Links The temple ceremony is one of the most important ancient ordinances restored by Joseph Smith.

Any resemblance to Masonic clothing or rituals is only minor, and this is because they have the same ancient roots from the days of Solomon.

Due to members' belief in the sacred nature of the temple ceremony, we initially tried to be sensitive and not directly reference temple ordinances.

As to the first objection, this article does not "mock" or "ridicule" the secrets of the Mormon temple; it merely reveals them.

Also, it seems rather odd to refuse to discuss objectively and openly any subject just because someone else feels that subject is taboo.

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