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On November 29, 1883, the Trenton Delaware Fire Company played a "Marrieds vs. In 1885, the Trenton Eagle Potters - an apt name given Trenton’s prominent place in the country’s pottery industry - lost to Kearney’s Clarks ONT team on April 11 before defeating the Trenton Knights of Labor at Hetzels Grove in front of 1,200 spectators.On July 11, the Eagle Potters played a picked Trenton team at the East State Street grounds in Trenton, but no score is recorded.The absence of some kind of trophy for clubs to play for was also viewed as an issue that needed to be addressed and on January 5, 1891, the Inquirer suggested that the PAFU take steps "to secure a cup or banner, so as to make the union appear more businesslike." In the league’s inaugural season the first and second place team players had been awarded medals.The Inquirer reported on January 19, 1891 that "one or two" delegates "whose clubs have no possible chance of winning the championship, are in favor of buying a cup and letting the winning team go without medals," which the Inquirer regarded as "manifestly unfair to the players who have thus far striven with might and main to win and who naturally expect to be honored by a medal if they succeed." While the "one or two" delegate were not named, Manayunk withdrew from the league the next week.As we have seen, on January 19, 1889, Philadelphia North End traveled to face Trenton Rovers at Hetzels Grove, where they were crushed 9-0 by their more experienced New Jersey opposition.

To read the full series, visit The Philly Soccer Page.Their places were taken by Frankford, Tacony, Nicetown, Manayunk, and Oxford, thus bringing the total number of participating clubs to six, and the new season commenced on October 11, 1890.Several of the clubs that dropped out of the PAFU continued to make non-league appearances; presumably they lacked the funds to join the league or pay for travel expenses, or perhaps they simply did not have the players to continue.In the 1886-87 tournament, the Trenton Football Club defeated Paterson 3-2 on November 25, 1886 at the Trenton Cricket Grounds, after first drawing 1-1 on the road in Paterson on October 30.Trenton FBC then defeated New York FBC 3-1 in the second round on Christmas Day at the East State Street grounds before falling 5-0 to eventual champion ONT in the semifinals on February 19, 1887.

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Nevertheless, the Inquirer reported on October 13, 1890 that "Association football is growing in favor" and that "the prospects for the Association were never brighter." On January 5, 1891, the Inquirer reported, "The Association game is gaining great popularity in this country and bids fair to rival some of the better known sports." This rising popularity was generally ascribed to "the absence of brutality and roughness from the game, and the science necessary to play well." Locally, this was "greatly due to the way in which THE INQUIRER has advocated the game." Games were played at the Germantown Base Ball Grounds, Frankford Junction, Stenton, and Wayne Junction.