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More people with a known stage are diagnosed at an advanced stage (64% diagnosed at stage III or IV) than an early stage (36% diagnosed at stage I or II ).[1] Non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL) incidence rates are projected to fall by 2% in the UK between 20, to 26 cases per 100,000 people by 2035.[1] This includes a smaller decrease for males than for females.

For males, non-Hodgkin lymphoma European incidence rates in the UK are projected to fall by 3% between 20, to 32 cases per 100,000 by 2035.[1] For females, rates are projected to fall by 3% between 20, to 22 cases per 100,000 by 2035.[1] Non-Hodgkin lymphoma (C82-C85), Observed and Projected Age-Standardised Incidence Rates, by Sex, UK, 1979-2035 Find out how these projections were calculated Incidence trends over time for non-Hodgkin lymphoma Projections of incidence for all cancers combined Non-Hodgkin lymphoma risk Download the projections data table Data is for: UK, 1979-2014 (observed), 2015-2035 (projected), ICD-10 C82-C85 Projections are based on observed incidence and mortality rates and therefore implicitly include changes in cancer risk factors, diagnosis and treatment.

It is important to recognise the variation between these subtypes when interpreting statistics on NHL as a whole.

Incidence rates are significantly higher in males than females in most age groups.

This largely reflects cell DNA damage accumulating over time.

Damage can result from biological processes or from exposure to risk factors.

A drop or plateau in incidence in the oldest age groups often indicates reduced diagnostic activity perhaps due to general ill health.

The term ‘non-Hodgkin lymphoma’ describes a large group of lymphoma subtypes, which differ substantially in their cellular origin and clinical behaviour.

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The gap is widest at age 0 to 04, when the age-specific incidence rate is 3.5 times higher in males than females.

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