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Sex chat hot conversation

Do you like me sucking your teeny titties like this? Yeah, that's it – there's my 'Moaning Mona' who loves getting her boobies sucked..this haole boy..often." "Kyle..hand...don't! Jeez, you could make a bundle of money with that mouth of yours..." "Yes, baby, yes. Stick your butt back and slide it over the console gap. " Oh, God....arggh...arggh....oh, my god..." "Now, look how big and hard you've made my cock, Mona. You know you want to have me slide in and out of your mouth. My raised-Jeep is so high, most people can't see in.

You know that you want me to suck on your little titties. They made these outstanding bumps in your snug t-shirt. Come on, Mona...please..." "Kyle...way you kiss me..that.. " "With you squirming around..skirt has ridden up and ...showing so much of your legs..long and slender..such nice soft thighs. I'll just saw the edge of my palm..and down..this...right into your wet pussy. Now, be a good little girl and spread your legs for Kyle." "Oooh... If my parents ever found out what a nasty slut their daughter has become..with a haole boy... There, are you happy that I confessed to being so damn easy when it comes to you? Oooh, don't you dare stop – oooh – damn it...don't stop...please..." "Spread your legs, Mona. You like that, don't you, when I finger you like this? How about if I suck...a titty...while I tug and tweak the nipple of the other? I stop being a good Japanese girl the moment I met you. " "Pull up your skirt, Mona, high above your waist and spread your legs for me. " "Oooh, you're such a horrible bastard, Kyle, for making me pull up my skirt. You love me touching you...squeezing your steamy cunt...fingering your stiff little clit..the way I'm strumming your love button right now..." ", bastard!

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I'm not going to stop fingering you sweet pussy so don't close your legs.

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