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This Group is for those of us who love 18 Petite Naked Ladies.

Every one is invited to post and view short skinny naked girls.

The rate for a two hour session is 2500 Baht, all inclusive, which is quite reasonable.

While I can certainly understand the appeal of that option for some, I also understand showing up in person.

After perusing the photobook and asking for a line up of the available staff, one can then take advantage of the rooms on the premises, which allow for a much needed cool down with new air conditioners, followed by a much desired heat up with mood lighting and mirrored walls (I am a sucker for the latter and always have been since the first time I watched myself go at it on a ceiling mirror many moons ago).

Combined with a very skilled staff with universal charms and warm personalities, this all adds up to something very special right in the heart of Bangkok.

Along with the standard mouth and full service, quite a few offer A Greek action and all over tongue massages as a part of their regular repertoire.

First I thought about how to get her but then I noticed how they talk to each other.

She: "Hey baby, tonight I am going to kill you" said in an aggressive smiling way. If a woman said that to me especially in that tone, it would get to me.

Lotion massages, longer massages and things like the addition of another lady are a little more.

The increasingly popular nuru massage option is also available.

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Fisting, dilatation, gang-bang, uro, squirting, sodomie... Par les temps qui courts c'est le moment de nous faire plaisir.