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The new course has been laid out under the direction of Dr Anislee Hudson of St Ann’s Hill and the club, of which the Doctor is Honorary Secretary, is called the Muskerry Golf Club.

‘The course is easily reached from Cork by the Light Railway that runs out to Blarney - a journey which is delightful at any time, but now with the addition of a game of golf at the end, will be doubly so.

The course is over 5,000 yards (nine holes played twice) and every one of the holes has some characteristic about it in the way of hazards.

These hazards consist of lanes, banks, trees, a gravel pit, the railway and a small river (the Sheep) and to escape such a choice selection of difficulties will require pawky play'.

An exhibition match was played by the Mc Namara brothers from Lahinch, one of whom, John, was the club’s first professional and a marquee was used at the opening ceremony as a clubhouse had not yet been erected.

Each week the membership increases and there is every indication that the club will shortly occupy a very prominent position amongst southern golfing clubs.Most of the attendance made the trip to Muskerry by rail - on the Cork and Muskerry Light Railway.The railway terminus was at the site of Jurys Hotel and the train proceeded along the Western Road to Leemount and Coachford Junction, near Muskerry's 18th green.The new clubhouse (to be erected) will in itself be a feature of the new links and will be so situated that the train can be seen coming from either direction in sufficient time to enable members to catch it with ease, the railway station being only 100 yards away.On May 6th, 1907, the Cork Examiner reported on the opening ceremony in great detail.

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A strong wind prevailed for the exhibition match and Willie Mc Namara from Lahinch beat his brother John by a one up margin.