Seeking guys dating friends dating london

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Seeking guys dating friends dating london

He claims to be a widow, wife died of cancer, has 11 yr old son but son lives in Germany with grandparents.

Says he is an African priest and he is on his Africian soil. I told him he needed to go back to curse school because he is a failure.

I’ve been chatting with Ptcute for months and he sounds very much like this Paul guy. Totally fell for him, and yes sent him over 7,000 dollars!!! Has a 16 year old daughter in boarding school in Boston. Seemed to not be aware of time zone he was claiming to live in, would say it was very late when early morning in CA.

Wanted me to send him i Tunes card so he could download his reports. Los Angeles structural engineer leaving for 2 months for job in Turkey. Seems extremely intelligent and types proper English grammer, so doesn't appear to be foreign.

I Knew he was a scammer and was playing WORDS with other women, which he denied. I Told him he didn't tell me what to do and I didn't owe him anything. I played along with his lies to see what he would say.

Now, you’re probably wondering what’s wrong with me that I didn’t catch on earlier and block these jerks right away? old daughter, had feelings for me soon after we started talking. I sent 1 I tunes card, and my kids intervened, Thank God! Wants to get to know me better and asked if I have Hangouts !!!!

Poor grammar, same job, called me same name as Jerome did "Pretty." That was the end of that. They are smooth talkers, and if you are lonely and vulnerable, they will get to you. Same old story, wife died of breast cancer, one beautiful daughter and looked at my profile pic and immediately fell in love with me 🤣🤣🤣.

I usually give new game requestors a chance till they get too chatty and then I just block them. Another scammer declaring undying and love trust's me etc. Once his contract is done he will pay me back in triple because then he will have like 2 million dollars."just" my 401k (which i do not have) will help him! Smilingfreddy84 is using the photo and name of Steve Hopper, a motivational speaker. Wants to talk privately on hangouts where it is safe and secure because wwf is not safe in Syria. A new name, mark Lugald has been added to an old profile. If you see this photo on WWF or any other site, don't respond, he's a loser and a liar! Cole was my scammer on words with friends then wanted to be friends on fb. I was the love of his life (never mind that he knew I am married) and this lasted until he asked me for the gift cards and I called him out on his BS.

he as yet has not asked for anything apart from my mobile number (not a chance). I'll play along until I get bored and hopefully leave a vulnerable person alone whilst he tries to charm me. Totally tried to lay a guilt trip on me for not helping him because he knows i can. So far he has been nice but just a little too anxious to move to hangouts. Over the last month I have had about 4 men start games with me on WWF. They were all older with grey hair and beards, all lived in the Southern US, all were widowers, and all had children abroad in boarding school. I told him I would rather not and didn't hear from him for a few days. Now I am heartless and selfish because I would not help him on his time of need. Was asked for 0 US to pay pre surgery cost as Maxi was in an accident in Belize. I did give out an email address and received numerous nice photos of his life and daughter. Beware this guy whoever he is is good and convincing His user name is Belljully12. I told him the sad thing is that people actually fall for this !

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