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Secular worldview on dating

In fact, the 18th century “proofs” of deep time—eroded valleys, volcanic eruptions, and the quantity of sedimentary rock—are no longer valid (Reed, 2011; 2012; Reed and Oard, 2012).

But few have gone back and revisited the original conclusion.

An early example was Buffon’s Histoire naturel (1749). “The historical development of the old-earth geological time-scale.” In Reed, J.

They included atheists, deists, and heretics such as Buffon, Lamarck, Hutton, Playfair, Werner, Cuvier and Lyell. The Geologic Column: Perspectives within Diluvial Geology. Mortenson, T. When a conclusion stays the same and the evidence keeps changing, the fallacy of begging the question cannot be far off. Almost all of the pioneers of deep time were antagonistic to biblical Christianity (Mortenson, 2004; 2006). However, when we speak of “naturalism” below, we refer mainly to the secular worldview. Jesus said in that a bad tree cannot produce good fruit.

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Many theologians think that deep time was the empirical product of thousands of geologists looking at thousands of outcrops and seeing the obvious.