Sample taglines for online dating

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Sample taglines for online dating

I don't know how you got that trojan onto my system, but it prompted me to take precautions. After five years on a hellish island, I have come home with only one goal: To save my city. To honor my friend's memory, I must be someone else. The ones who become stronger from the experience and survive it, and the ones who die. The ones who learn to love the fire and choose to stay in their crucible because it's easier to embrace the pain when it's all you know anymore. Even if we knew where in Russia Lyla is, my superiors believe sending in an extraction team could cause an international incident.

Sebastian Blood: Sooner or later, we all go through a crucible. Most believe there are two types of people who go into a crucible. Which is that as of right now, we have no relationship.

And I know it's been a while, so in you case you've forgotten, that's you.

There's absolutely zero way that the CEO can avoid being there. See, Arrow - the man under the hood isn't important.

When you and Diggle brought me back to Starling City, I made a vow to myself that I would never let anything like the Undertaking happen again. You helped turn me into a killer when I needed to be one.

And when you did, you said it was because you understood the kind of man I am. I have loved you for half of my life but I'm done running after you Laurel: Because I realized that, that I went on that boat with you, too. I loaded the bullets, yes, I pulled the trigger, but you... For five years, I was stranded on an island with only one goal: survive. Oliver: [speaking to his father's tombstone] I didn't know how painful it would be to keep my secrets. I will, I swear, but to do that, I can't be the Oliver that everyone wants me to be, which means that sometimes..honor your wishes, I need to dishonor your memory. Every name that I cross off this list honors that sacrifice. Now I will fulfill my father's dying wish - to use the list of names he left me and bring down those who are poisoning my city. Diggle: You asked me to work with you, not for you. Helena: But was there ever a day when you were just... No pressure from your family, no need to be the person that everyone else expect you to be. Felicity: [to Oliver] You look like something the cat dragged in.

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Then he couldn't be what I needed him to be, what this city needs him to be.

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