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Rules to dating an intj

This can deepen anxiety in social situations, making it increasingly difficult to relax.

Ironically, it is often best for them to remain where they are comfortable — out of the spotlight — where the natural confidence prevalent in INTJs as they work with the familiar can serve as its own beacon, attracting people, romantically or otherwise, of similar temperament and interests.

Like in all other realms of life, you are a GO GETTER when it comes to dating.

You know what you want, and you’re in it to win it.

You often wait for your partner to make the first move.

But you let your natural intellect shine through in the way you flirt with plenty of clever wordplay and games.

Yes, actions speak louder than words but from time to time, you do need to tell your partner how you feel about them.

INTJs enjoy the process of developing a young mind, and get a lot of satisfaction from parenting.

As they mature, INTJs will come to recognize these factors as relevant, incorporating pace and emotional availability into their plans.

When it comes to your romantic life, your propensity toward frank honesty and subsequent disregard for the more sentimental flirtations that come along with the dating game are your biggest weaknesses.

You are by no means forward when it comes to the dating game.

You take relationships extremely seriously and are loyal to your partner.

However, problems often arise in your relationship when you focus so heavily on logic that you forget your partner’s emotional needs.

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It’s lonely at the top, and being one of the rarest and most strategically capable personality types, INTJs know this all too well.

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