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Mandatory formation requires that impressions are formed about social traits even when this is task-irrelevant, and that once formed, these impressions are difficult to inhibit.

In two experiments, participants learned what new people looked like for the purpose of future identification, from sets of images high or low in attractiveness.

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First impressions of social traits, such as attractiveness, from faces are often claimed to be made automatically, given their speed and reliability.

In fact, perceived facial attractiveness has been linked to outcomes as diverse as court sentencing, cooperation, and marketing success (see recent review ref. Given these real world consequences of first impressions, it is important to understand how these impressions are formed.

It has often been argued that the formation of facial first impressions is automatic.

Rhodes offers local agricultural produce of unrivalled flavour and quality – from olive oil and honey to local cheeses and ouzo.In addition to being formed without intention, if facial first impression formation is mandatory then these impressions ought to be difficult to inhibit once formed.This has not been tested to date, and requires measurement, not simply of the formation of the impression, but the lack of ability to inhibit it at a later stage.And the land that came up from the sea was the island of Rhodes – the island of the sun god Helios! Flights and Deals to Rhodes Rhodes, also known as the “Island of Knights”, is the capital of the Dodecanese.A magical place, with every possible attraction – it is hard to know what aspect of Rhodes deserves our appreciation most! Its old town is an Unesco Wolrd Heritage site, described as the world’s best preserved medieval settlement.

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A third control experiment, with participants rating names, demonstrated that participants in Experiments 1 and 2 were not simply rating the people, rather than the specific images as instructed.

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