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Of course there were special quotations available for larger quantities.Also, pen signatures were available for .00 to .00 per 1,000; carbon copies were $.01 each (Hooven supplied the tissue and carbon paper), addressing envelopes was .00 to .00 per 1,000 and foreign languages were 25% extra plus a roll-cutting charge.I presume it was used for teaching music lessons and maybe typewriting lessons as well. This is the machine depicted in the photo on page 190 of Adler's: Antique Typewriters, From Creed to Qwerty.We think it dates back to the 1930s or thereabouts.The relative expensive cost of the machines kept the technology from many users until Hooven established a letter typing service in New York with outlets throughout the United States where people could bring or send their letters to be "Hoovenized".This made the technology available and affordable on a pay as you go basis.Today, it is a restored historical building and an important part of Hamilton, Ohio's heritage.The house is available for tours and possesses one of the other few still surviving Hooven Automatic Typewriters.

We would consider other locations for an additional charge. Each key does clearly and loundly present a piano like note and each key represents a different note.In large urban areas it was only provided to residences during evening hours.So the Electric Blick was a typewriter that frequently could be used only at night.The Electric Blick was around for a short time and today is a very scarce machine and arguably one of the most sought after and most valued of all antique typewriters.The Hooven, programmed by the punched hole paper roll (today, we would call it software) simply repeated and typed the same letter over and over while occasionally pausing for the attendant to type in personal information (name, addresses, dates, etc.) that gave the letter a definite impression of being an original.

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Also, the platen has tiny flat surfaces since curved typewriter keys were not yet invented and printer's type was still being used. This 4 bank Underwood portable typewriter was made in Canada but what is really unusual is its correspondant's case.

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